It’s very interesting how things can change from moment to moment. I used to say how life changes from day-to-day; but I find that changes can happen in a moment. For instance, my nephew, whom I love with all of my heart, went from being a little boy that I used to chase around my livingroom table, to being a young boy who stands taller than me, and he’s only 11 years old! It’s also interesting that my beautiful car with all the bells and whistles stopped one day on the way to work and didn’t start back up for 3  months. (I had to get the money together to get it fixed). I went from a luxury car to a 16-year old car with no air conditioning for approximately 3 months. Not only that I went from riding in my own car when and wherever I wanted to go, to riding with my dad as he took me to work and back home. His car doesn’t even have a cd player in it; and the cassette player, yes I said cassette player doesn’t work.

What I am saying is that I got to know my daddy better in those 3 months of riding with him. I appreciate him more than ever. He still gets on my nerves, parents do that, you know. But he was there for me and I love that.

So, hopefully, when life changes for you in a moment the changes will make you stop and think and you’ll be better for the changes. Ah me. Gotta go. Got a meeting.

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Early on in this year of 2016, my Mom told us that this would be our family’s year. Changes were going to come. Some good, and some not so good. I didn’t pay that much attention to it. I was busy with my life. Well, Mom was correct. We had some good changes in our family. I was promoted to director in my company; a dream job that’s not so dreamy, but a wonderful opportunity for me to show my business talents and also a wonderful opportunity for me to learn until the next step in my career appears.

One of my twin sisters (both are authors) published her 5th book. The other twin’s 2nd book will be out October 30th. My dad retired from his job. He has worked so very hard all of our lives. He and my mom celebrated 30 years of marriage. My one and only nephew began middle school and he already received a certificate for positive accomplishments. I’m still taking off weight, though not with a trainer now. 

Not so good changes—My car went down and I had to wait 3 months to get it back! Timing is everything, as I was able to us my dad’s car. So, though inconvenient, it was tolerable. But the one life change that affected all of our family was that my one of my twin sisters was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer in August of this year.

Suddenly, nothing really mattered except her. We have rallied around her and try to do whatever we can for her. But, ultimately she is the one who has to endure chemotherapy and more. There’s no history of cancer in our family on either side. Apparently, that doesn’t matter. Life has changed for us. We’re a closer family, living each day on purpose as we walk through this illness with my sister until she gets well. 


Isabella Elspeth

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It’s very interesting how individuals want to be in front; they want to have their ideas implemented; they want to be the boss. There’;s nothing wrong with that if one can realize what leading the way entails. I’ve been learning that lesson ever since I was a child and the oldest of six siblings and cousins. Leading doesn’t mean snapping out orders and trying to bulldog one’s way to accomplish goals and objectives.  I have learned that it means doing what is necessary and right to bring out the best in others, meet goals, and  accomplish objectives:

  • When leading the way in an office environment or in a group, lead by example. That sounds so elementary, I know. But there is nothing like letting others see that you can work as well as give instructions. 
  • When leading remain focused on the prize, it will help you inspire others to work at accomplishing goals.
  • When leading make sure to be courteous first. There’s nothing like a soft answer. It turns aways wrath that might be gathering in someone. It also opens the door for discussion and conflict resolution. We’re all people subject to errors. 
  • Praise and acknowledge exceptional work and even consistent work. People who feel appreciated, do better. It also enhances the environment in a workplace.
  • Here’s an ages old tip: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” The Golden Rule really does work. Exercising it shows that you have respect for others.


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I am the oldest of my siblings, and as such I tend to lead the way. My twin sisters are Jennifer and Johanna. They are fraternal. Since they came into the world, when I was four years old, I have loved them. Johanna and I were and continue to be constant companions. My mom taught us never to forget each other, even when we grow up. She told me when I bought my first car, “You don’t have to have them with you all the time, but you should keep them with you some of the time. Don’t leave  your sisters out of your life.” That’s why even now Johanna and I spend a lot of time together. I get on her nerves and she gets on mine. There’s nothing new about that. We’re sisters.


On the other hand, Jennifer, the older of the twins, from the time she was old enough to know I was the eldest fought to gain her ‘independence’ from me. She couldn’t stand that I was her older sister and could tell her to do things and she had to do them. For the record, I never tried to tell her what to do; she took that for granted. At the age of three, she tried to claw my eyes out because she was playing in the water and mom told me to go turn the water off. I ran from her because I thought she was too young to hit—a baby. Well, if it were not for me holding her at arm’s length while she scratched my arm up trying to get to my eyes…

Fast forward to 2016. They are both grown women and both are authors. One has published five books and the other is about to publish her second book. Jen is married, too. She has two online broadcasting programs and this year launched her own media broadcasting station. Johanna, under contract with her publisher is working on her third book. They are beautiful and intelligent. BUT I’M STILL THE OLDEST! I told them, that when they make it big, and I have no doubt that they will, I want my money in a suitcase. Nuf said.

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My Grandma is the best! She has been in my life and the lives of my sisters for all of our lives. She taught me how to read and write when I was three and four years old. I wasn’t scribbling. I was printing my name and writing sentences, me and my God-Sister. My Grandma was born during the Depression Era, so life was very different for her. She was great at salvaging many things. If she threw away something, it was just because she couldn’t find a use for it.

My mom told me once that when she and my aunts got rid of their pantyhose, because of holes or ruins in them, my Grandma gathered them all up, washed them and actually weaved by hand those pantyhose into an oval rug that she put on the floor, in their house! The rug was about three feet long by two feet wide. The colors were black, white, coffee, cream, beige; whatever the color of the hoses. WOW!

My Grandma only went to the ninth grade in school before she married and began raising a family. But she was a great lover of education. So, when my aunts and uncles attended high school, she would take their math books in particular their Algebra books and she taught herself Algebra and Geometry. She even taught herself to type. Then you know she taught it to her grandchildren. She didn’t ask my mom or dad, she just enrolled me and my sisters in summer school when I was about ten years old to learn how to type. That means my sisters were  younger than ten when they learned how to type! She’d spend the weekends at  her other daughters homes, helping other grandchildren with their reading, writing, and ‘rithmetic’.

In 2005 at the age of 75 years young, my Grandma got her high school diploma and attended the commencement ceremonies! She was the oldest graduate that year. We celebrated with her.


75-year old high school graduate

She is 85 now and soon to be 86 this year. I love her and she is my Grandma. There’s nothing I won’t do for her if I can.



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Time For You Message Means You Relaxing

Time For You Message Means You Relaxing


I’ve been out of circulation since I achieved my dream position. But I was just thinking of something. I have been so very busy working and working and attending meetings and conferences and…

One day, when I got home, I did something that I missed doing. I sat and watched the Anime ‘Bleach’. I have always been a fan of anime. You know what, it was the best time I’d had in many weeks.  All I did was watch episode after episode of ‘Bleach’ and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  I even went to the movies and saw Dawn of Justice – Superman vs Batman four times! I loved it.

Talk about taking a break, I did. It’s good to be blogging again. Thanks guys.

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Musings of finally getting what I wanted

I was born to be a business woman.  I love making corporate decisions and making good money, too.  I love Ben Franklin’s portrait on the hundred-dollar bill.  That’s the truth.  I have always wanted to lead in a company and show that I can take it!  I can handle the big decisions and help lead the company to better profits and notoriety.  Well, I got that position.  My dream came true.


So, what happened??  I became upper management. I achieved my goal.  I think I had one day of smiling. From that time to this time, my head has been down; hours are longer; problems are more; responsibilities are greater, etc. Whoever said RANK HAS ITS PRIVILEGES, didn’t know what they were talking about!

But several weeks later, I understand something about my dream coming true.  That dream when it came true became reality!  So in order to flourish in my dream I gotta keep it going.  I can truly say that my dream has come true and I am thankful.  Oops!  I have to go.  I have a meeting in 5 minutes!!

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Introvert and Extrovert

  • I talk too much and can’t wait to do something…Having lunch with me is a BLAST whether I am with me or just being me.
  • I take chances and walk the trail at NIGHT!   Never afraid!  Dare you to come towards me.  You may get a conversation! Or FOUR!
  • Leadership opportunities are a must!  If I can’t use my gift I feel stale.
  • I think I know who I am.  female smiley face




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Action Bible

Sometimes as a Christian it can be hard to keep studying GOD’s word.  Life struggles and circumstances make you feel down.  It seems like you can’t study anything and Bible class is just a ritual. Sometimes Christians completely run away from the Bible and just settle with going to church. When you need to be revived and can’t seem to move.  What do you do?

  • Ask GOD to take you back to when you first believed.
  • Best thing to rekindle your ability to study GOD’s word…

Pick up a Kids Bible.  The story book Bible or my new favorite the Action Bible.

  • Look at the pictures, read the words, allow yourself to become engrossed in it.
  • You will find a fresh, new love for GOD again.  It will awaken your passion to study and read the scriptures.

Another idea

  • Sit in children’s Sunday school class and listen to how kids learn! Don’t allow any pain or frustration to cripple your study time.

YOU NEED GOD!  He has so much to teach us!   When life is hard to take—hold fast to your faith.



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Musings of a Poet-Stay Encouraged

Now you have entered into the unknown

See my hearts fist like shape, surrounded by a liquescentquotes-37-091515-1690 moisture

If you gaze at the force which flows life, YES! Right there look…

Can you see it?

It’s a cell with my thoughts of you

Notice how it moves, out of control yet always in control

What have you done to me?


 The wait for Love seems unending at times.  While you wait you learn, grow, mature and repeat. Endless decades it seems.  A thousand years could pass by in a moment and feel longer and shorter at the same time.

What do you expect in the end?  An expected end.

Expect to have the best because you waited patiently.  Or the truth, you waited impatiently so you might be a little crazy.

Is it worth it, yes is the answer you are told but you tend to believe it as well.  When all the feelings rise up in you and your poem has no one’s name at the end…still write it.  Still express and then let “the one” know you were just getting ready for him.

Solomon’s song…Awake, O north wind; and come, thou south; blow upon my garden, that the spices thereof may flow out. Let my beloved come into his garden, and eat his pleasant fruits.



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