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Musings of ‘They’

The conversation started off “They were talking about me.  I just know it. They looked at me…” Who are they? They are people who have formed an opinion of you that hasn’t been verified but assumed by you. Whether it … Continue reading

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Musings of a Hungry Woman!

UGH! Right now although I am dieting and exercising I am sitting in my office thinking of chili cheese fries with beef, onions, cheese and ranch dip with extra cheese melted on it… Yeah…Sounds good! I want to sit in … Continue reading

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I swipe and I swipe and guess what…I owe! What do I do? How do you pay off your credit card?  How do you resist the urge to use it once it is paid off?  Where does self-control fit in … Continue reading

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Musings of the Sword of Truth by Terry GoodKinnd!

Terry Goodkind is one of the best fantasy authors I have ever read! The Sword of Truth Series is a remarkable adventurous story! Highly recommended! If you love stories with Magic, Wizards, Sorceresses, Good vs. Evil and the like this … Continue reading

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The Truth is Still Out There MUSINGS OF AN X-FILES FANATIC! MULDER AND ISABELLA – BACK FROM THE QUEEN ANNE  Mulder loves me Mulder: I would’ve never seen you again. But you believed me. Isabella: In your dreams. (As if talking … Continue reading

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  All I think about is CAKE! Taking medicine! UGH! I hate insulin injections!  My tummy, hips, and thighs hurt from the needle. Yes there are other needles to use that hurt less but you know what… The root of … Continue reading

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