Musings of the Sword of Truth by Terry GoodKinnd!

Sword Of Truth sword

Terry Goodkind is one of the best fantasy authors I have ever read! The Sword of Truth Series is a remarkable adventurous story!

Highly recommended! If you love stories with Magic, Wizards, Sorceresses, Good vs. Evil and the like this series is a MUST read.

I have enjoyed this series through the audiobooks!  There are some amazing voices that bring the story to life.  I enjoy what each narrator brings to the stories.

This is my third or fourth time enjoying the entire series.  I am currently on book three “Blood of the Fold narrated by Dick Hill, who does an amazing interpretation or each character.

Personal preference – My favorite narrator is Sam Tsoutsouvas.  His ability to bring the characters to live is pure rapture.  I love all the narrators but his Sam’s style fits my taste perfectly!

I would love to meet Terry Goodkind one day.  Sit and listen to him expound on his “GIFT”! …. Sit and call him Lord Rahl. I would wear red leather and sit with an Agiel on my hip. I would wear a long black braid as I gaze into his azure eyes….Sigh.
Who are some of your favorite authors and why?

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