Musings of a Hungry Woman!

chilli cheese fries

UGH! Right now although I am dieting and exercising I am sitting in my office thinking of chili cheese fries with beef, onions, cheese and ranch dip with extra cheese melted on it…

Yeah…Sounds good! I want to sit in my car with no one watching and eat it all!

With that said I am exercising self-control but still!!

Mile high nachos

I want it.  I want it like nachos with everything on them.  WOW! What is up with this overwhelming desire for the wrong foods?

I am addicted to the “FAT” in foods.  I know I can’t eat it because it would make me sick.  Sigh… Nothing like ignoring desires.

Feedback Please

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8 Responses to Musings of a Hungry Woman!

  1. I know the feeling, Isabella. It seems like unhealthy is more attractive than healthy foods. it’s also a sure fire way to get and remain unhealthy. Bravo for exercising self-control.

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  2. Looks tasty as all get

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  3. Brabra says:

    do you like chip butties

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  4. Parker J says:

    Its hard. I still dream about Mountain Dew.

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