Musings of ‘They’


The conversation started off “They were talking about me.  I just know it. They looked at me…”

Who are they?

They are people who have formed an opinion of you that hasn’t been verified but assumed by you. Whether it is true or not is not the main focus.  It is all about what you believe in your mind.

Could they have said something about you? “Yes”!  Could they have looked at you? “Yes”!

The conversation concluded “Don’t worry about them.  You don’t really care; just focus on yourself.  If you are being talked about good or bad then they are just making you more popular.”

Basically they are saying you are Boo Radley or the Elephant man!

Solution –

Build up your self-confidence and practice not allowing others who hurt you to break down your strength.  The way you practice is when the next situation arises realize who you are and what you are about.  Stop and think about yourself.  Remember if they say you are ugly then they are staring at you a lot. Which means you are on their minds.

Erika 2


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