It is 5:00 am…two sisters in their 30’s are headed to their jobs.   The oldest has to drop the youngest off at her job first.

Lynette “Yo! Camel!”

Isabella – “Aren’t you supposed to be out sprawled across a rock gazing at the moon?”

Lynette – “Oh! You got Jokes!

Isabella – “Anyways, do you have money for coffee?”

Lynette – “Umm, I am sorry  …Please Please please. Buy me a coffee.”

Isabella – “Oh so you running your mouth…Hmmmm but you need this $2.12 for your Extra-large coffee with five sugar and five creams. See how you called me a Camel!  But guess what. OH! You NEED this Camel’s Money!!”

Lynette – “Look you still a Camel and Yes I need your money! UGH! What do I have to do?  “

Isabella – “I would like all 160 of my make-up brushes cleaned tonight after you get off work! OR ELSE!”

Lynette – “What! For a coffee! I can’t believe you…why is it always a bargain or a trick for anything?!”

Isabella – “So what you’re saying is you don’t need this $2.12 for Coffee?”

Lynette – … thinking with wide eyes in shock …”Fine Fine Whatever!”

Isabella – “See I am a gift.  A gift with $2.12”

Lynette – “You ain’t no gift but I won’t say anything else until I get my coffee…”

Isabella “You know what your problem is?  …you thought you deserved better than me..HAHA Guess what.. THIS IS THE BEST! Especially for you! And make sure you dry each brush with a towel. Don’t let them sit to dry!

Lynette – “Don’t worry Camel! Oh! I got yo dry brushes! You’ll.  What you doing wearing make up anyways…you already sandy brown! HAHA! Desert beauty!”


As Lynette exists the car with her coffee

Isabella (hollers) – “ten step poison is in your cup. Just so you know.”

Lynette “Bye Camel, don’t drink up all the water in your hump”

Isabella drives away thinking about what else she can get out of Lynette…she did need her clothes washed…


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  1. You really do got jokes all my goodness I laughed so hard


  2. Yolanda says:

    Hmm interesting. Neither of you two asked the other if they like potatoes.

    Liked by 1 person

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