Action Bible

Sometimes as a Christian it can be hard to keep studying GOD’s word.  Life struggles and circumstances make you feel down.  It seems like you can’t study anything and Bible class is just a ritual. Sometimes Christians completely run away from the Bible and just settle with going to church. When you need to be revived and can’t seem to move.  What do you do?

  • Ask GOD to take you back to when you first believed.
  • Best thing to rekindle your ability to study GOD’s word…

Pick up a Kids Bible.  The story book Bible or my new favorite the Action Bible.

  • Look at the pictures, read the words, allow yourself to become engrossed in it.
  • You will find a fresh, new love for GOD again.  It will awaken your passion to study and read the scriptures.

Another idea

  • Sit in children’s Sunday school class and listen to how kids learn! Don’t allow any pain or frustration to cripple your study time.

YOU NEED GOD!  He has so much to teach us!   When life is hard to take—hold fast to your faith.



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  1. I’ve been back and forth with my devotional bible study ashamedly. But I do love the action bible. I think that reading it a while will stir up the childlike faith I’ve began with

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  2. This is great advice to anyone. Thanks for sharing.


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