Musings of finally getting what I wanted

I was born to be a business woman.  I love making corporate decisions and making good money, too.  I love Ben Franklin’s portrait on the hundred-dollar bill.  That’s the truth.  I have always wanted to lead in a company and show that I can take it!  I can handle the big decisions and help lead the company to better profits and notoriety.  Well, I got that position.  My dream came true.


So, what happened??  I became upper management. I achieved my goal.  I think I had one day of smiling. From that time to this time, my head has been down; hours are longer; problems are more; responsibilities are greater, etc. Whoever said RANK HAS ITS PRIVILEGES, didn’t know what they were talking about!

But several weeks later, I understand something about my dream coming true.  That dream when it came true became reality!  So in order to flourish in my dream I gotta keep it going.  I can truly say that my dream has come true and I am thankful.  Oops!  I have to go.  I have a meeting in 5 minutes!!

unnamed (4)

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One Response to Musings of finally getting what I wanted

  1. Nothing like seeing your dream come true.


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