My Grandma is the best! She has been in my life and the lives of my sisters for all of our lives. She taught me how to read and write when I was three and four years old. I wasn’t scribbling. I was printing my name and writing sentences, me and my God-Sister. My Grandma was born during the Depression Era, so life was very different for her. She was great at salvaging many things. If she threw away something, it was just because she couldn’t find a use for it.

My mom told me once that when she and my aunts got rid of their pantyhose, because of holes or ruins in them, my Grandma gathered them all up, washed them and actually weaved by hand those pantyhose into an oval rug that she put on the floor, in their house! The rug was about three feet long by two feet wide. The colors were black, white, coffee, cream, beige; whatever the color of the hoses. WOW!

My Grandma only went to the ninth grade in school before she married and began raising a family. But she was a great lover of education. So, when my aunts and uncles attended high school, she would take their math books in particular their Algebra books and she taught herself Algebra and Geometry. She even taught herself to type. Then you know she taught it to her grandchildren. She didn’t ask my mom or dad, she just enrolled me and my sisters in summer school when I was about ten years old to learn how to type. That means my sisters were  younger than ten when they learned how to type! She’d spend the weekends at  her other daughters homes, helping other grandchildren with their reading, writing, and ‘rithmetic’.

In 2005 at the age of 75 years young, my Grandma got her high school diploma and attended the commencement ceremonies! She was the oldest graduate that year. We celebrated with her.


75-year old high school graduate

She is 85 now and soon to be 86 this year. I love her and she is my Grandma. There’s nothing I won’t do for her if I can.



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