I am the oldest of my siblings, and as such I tend to lead the way. My twin sisters are Jennifer and Johanna. They are fraternal. Since they came into the world, when I was four years old, I have loved them. Johanna and I were and continue to be constant companions. My mom taught us never to forget each other, even when we grow up. She told me when I bought my first car, “You don’t have to have them with you all the time, but you should keep them with you some of the time. Don’t leave  your sisters out of your life.” That’s why even now Johanna and I spend a lot of time together. I get on her nerves and she gets on mine. There’s nothing new about that. We’re sisters.


On the other hand, Jennifer, the older of the twins, from the time she was old enough to know I was the eldest fought to gain her ‘independence’ from me. She couldn’t stand that I was her older sister and could tell her to do things and she had to do them. For the record, I never tried to tell her what to do; she took that for granted. At the age of three, she tried to claw my eyes out because she was playing in the water and mom told me to go turn the water off. I ran from her because I thought she was too young to hit—a baby. Well, if it were not for me holding her at arm’s length while she scratched my arm up trying to get to my eyes…

Fast forward to 2016. They are both grown women and both are authors. One has published five books and the other is about to publish her second book. Jen is married, too. She has two online broadcasting programs and this year launched her own media broadcasting station. Johanna, under contract with her publisher is working on her third book. They are beautiful and intelligent. BUT I’M STILL THE OLDEST! I told them, that when they make it big, and I have no doubt that they will, I want my money in a suitcase. Nuf said.

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