It’s very interesting how individuals want to be in front; they want to have their ideas implemented; they want to be the boss. There’;s nothing wrong with that if one can realize what leading the way entails. I’ve been learning that lesson ever since I was a child and the oldest of six siblings and cousins. Leading doesn’t mean snapping out orders and trying to bulldog one’s way to accomplish goals and objectives.  I have learned that it means doing what is necessary and right to bring out the best in others, meet goals, and  accomplish objectives:

  • When leading the way in an office environment or in a group, lead by example. That sounds so elementary, I know. But there is nothing like letting others see that you can work as well as give instructions. 
  • When leading remain focused on the prize, it will help you inspire others to work at accomplishing goals.
  • When leading make sure to be courteous first. There’s nothing like a soft answer. It turns aways wrath that might be gathering in someone. It also opens the door for discussion and conflict resolution. We’re all people subject to errors. 
  • Praise and acknowledge exceptional work and even consistent work. People who feel appreciated, do better. It also enhances the environment in a workplace.
  • Here’s an ages old tip: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” The Golden Rule really does work. Exercising it shows that you have respect for others.


Erika 2

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  1. I’m still praying for your new position and all that’s coming with it.


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