It’s very interesting how things can change from moment to moment. I used to say how life changes from day-to-day; but I find that changes can happen in a moment. For instance, my nephew, whom I love with all of my heart, went from being a little boy that I used to chase around my livingroom table, to being a young boy who stands taller than me, and he’s only 11 years old! It’s also interesting that my beautiful car with all the bells and whistles stopped one day on the way to work and didn’t start back up for 3  months. (I had to get the money together to get it fixed). I went from a luxury car to a 16-year old car with no air conditioning for approximately 3 months. Not only that I went from riding in my own car when and wherever I wanted to go, to riding with my dad as he took me to work and back home. His car doesn’t even have a cd player in it; and the cassette player, yes I said cassette player doesn’t work.

What I am saying is that I got to know my daddy better in those 3 months of riding with him. I appreciate him more than ever. He still gets on my nerves, parents do that, you know. But he was there for me and I love that.

So, hopefully, when life changes for you in a moment the changes will make you stop and think and you’ll be better for the changes. Ah me. Gotta go. Got a meeting.

Erika 2


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  1. I hear you. God is still faithful


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