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It’s very interesting how individuals want to be in front; they want to have their ideas implemented; they want to be the boss. There’;s nothing wrong with that if one can realize what leading the way entails. I’ve been learning … Continue reading

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Wow, I’ve been out of circulation since I achieved my dream position. But I was just thinking of something. I have been so very busy working and working and attending meetings and conferences and… One day, when I got home, … Continue reading

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Musings of finally getting what I wanted

I was born to be a business woman.  I love making corporate decisions and making good money, too.  I love Ben Franklin’s portrait on the hundred-dollar bill.  That’s the truth.  I have always wanted to lead in a company and … Continue reading

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I swipe and I swipe and guess what…I owe! What do I do? How do you pay off your credit card?  How do you resist the urge to use it once it is paid off?  Where does self-control fit in … Continue reading

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Isabella Elspeth

Hi, I’m Isabella Elspeth.  Not really.  But those are two names I’ve loved since I was a teen. Back then, I was full of a lot of fantasy. (who isn’t).  I had plans for my life and I expected those plans … Continue reading

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