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It’s very interesting how things can change from moment to moment. I used to say how life changes from day-to-day; but I find that changes can happen in a moment. For instance, my nephew, whom I love with all of … Continue reading

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It’s very interesting how individuals want to be in front; they want to have their ideas implemented; they want to be the boss. There’;s nothing wrong with that if one can realize what leading the way entails. I’ve been learning … Continue reading

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Musings of finally getting what I wanted

I was born to be a business woman.  I love making corporate decisions and making good money, too.  I love Ben Franklin’s portrait on the hundred-dollar bill.  That’s the truth.  I have always wanted to lead in a company and … Continue reading

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MUSINGS OF AN EXTROVERT I talk too much and can’t wait to do something…Having lunch with me is a BLAST whether I am with me or just being me. I take chances and walk the trail at NIGHT!   Never afraid!  … Continue reading

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It is 5:00 am…two sisters in their 30’s are headed to their jobs.   The oldest has to drop the youngest off at her job first. Lynette “Yo! Camel!” Isabella – “Aren’t you supposed to be out sprawled across a rock … Continue reading

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Musings of ‘They’

The conversation started off “They were talking about me.  I just know it. They looked at me…” Who are they? They are people who have formed an opinion of you that hasn’t been verified but assumed by you. Whether it … Continue reading

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  All I think about is CAKE! Taking medicine! UGH! I hate insulin injections!  My tummy, hips, and thighs hurt from the needle. Yes there are other needles to use that hurt less but you know what… The root of … Continue reading

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