Introvert and Extrovert

  • I talk too much and can’t wait to do something…Having lunch with me is a BLAST whether I am with me or just being me.
  • I take chances and walk the trail at NIGHT!   Never afraid!  Dare you to come towards me.  You may get a conversation! Or FOUR!
  • Leadership opportunities are a must!  If I can’t use my gift I feel stale.
  • I think I know who I am.  female smiley face




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Action Bible

Sometimes as a Christian it can be hard to keep studying GOD’s word.  Life struggles and circumstances make you feel down.  It seems like you can’t study anything and Bible class is just a ritual. Sometimes Christians completely run away from the Bible and just settle with going to church. When you need to be revived and can’t seem to move.  What do you do?

  • Ask GOD to take you back to when you first believed.
  • Best thing to rekindle your ability to study GOD’s word…

Pick up a Kids Bible.  The story book Bible or my new favorite the Action Bible.

  • Look at the pictures, read the words, allow yourself to become engrossed in it.
  • You will find a fresh, new love for GOD again.  It will awaken your passion to study and read the scriptures.

Another idea

  • Sit in children’s Sunday school class and listen to how kids learn! Don’t allow any pain or frustration to cripple your study time.

YOU NEED GOD!  He has so much to teach us!   When life is hard to take—hold fast to your faith.



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Musings of a Poet-Stay Encouraged

Now you have entered into the unknown

See my hearts fist like shape, surrounded by a liquescentquotes-37-091515-1690 moisture

If you gaze at the force which flows life, YES! Right there look…

Can you see it?

It’s a cell with my thoughts of you

Notice how it moves, out of control yet always in control

What have you done to me?


 The wait for Love seems unending at times.  While you wait you learn, grow, mature and repeat. Endless decades it seems.  A thousand years could pass by in a moment and feel longer and shorter at the same time.

What do you expect in the end?  An expected end.

Expect to have the best because you waited patiently.  Or the truth, you waited impatiently so you might be a little crazy.

Is it worth it, yes is the answer you are told but you tend to believe it as well.  When all the feelings rise up in you and your poem has no one’s name at the end…still write it.  Still express and then let “the one” know you were just getting ready for him.

Solomon’s song…Awake, O north wind; and come, thou south; blow upon my garden, that the spices thereof may flow out. Let my beloved come into his garden, and eat his pleasant fruits.



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It is 5:00 am…two sisters in their 30’s are headed to their jobs.   The oldest has to drop the youngest off at her job first.

Lynette “Yo! Camel!”

Isabella – “Aren’t you supposed to be out sprawled across a rock gazing at the moon?”

Lynette – “Oh! You got Jokes!

Isabella – “Anyways, do you have money for coffee?”

Lynette – “Umm, I am sorry  …Please Please please. Buy me a coffee.”

Isabella – “Oh so you running your mouth…Hmmmm but you need this $2.12 for your Extra-large coffee with five sugar and five creams. See how you called me a Camel!  But guess what. OH! You NEED this Camel’s Money!!”

Lynette – “Look you still a Camel and Yes I need your money! UGH! What do I have to do?  “

Isabella – “I would like all 160 of my make-up brushes cleaned tonight after you get off work! OR ELSE!”

Lynette – “What! For a coffee! I can’t believe you…why is it always a bargain or a trick for anything?!”

Isabella – “So what you’re saying is you don’t need this $2.12 for Coffee?”

Lynette – … thinking with wide eyes in shock …”Fine Fine Whatever!”

Isabella – “See I am a gift.  A gift with $2.12”

Lynette – “You ain’t no gift but I won’t say anything else until I get my coffee…”

Isabella “You know what your problem is?  …you thought you deserved better than me..HAHA Guess what.. THIS IS THE BEST! Especially for you! And make sure you dry each brush with a towel. Don’t let them sit to dry!

Lynette – “Don’t worry Camel! Oh! I got yo dry brushes! You’ll.  What you doing wearing make up anyways…you already sandy brown! HAHA! Desert beauty!”


As Lynette exists the car with her coffee

Isabella (hollers) – “ten step poison is in your cup. Just so you know.”

Lynette “Bye Camel, don’t drink up all the water in your hump”

Isabella drives away thinking about what else she can get out of Lynette…she did need her clothes washed…


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Musings of ‘They’


The conversation started off “They were talking about me.  I just know it. They looked at me…”

Who are they?

They are people who have formed an opinion of you that hasn’t been verified but assumed by you. Whether it is true or not is not the main focus.  It is all about what you believe in your mind.

Could they have said something about you? “Yes”!  Could they have looked at you? “Yes”!

The conversation concluded “Don’t worry about them.  You don’t really care; just focus on yourself.  If you are being talked about good or bad then they are just making you more popular.”

Basically they are saying you are Boo Radley or the Elephant man!

Solution –

Build up your self-confidence and practice not allowing others who hurt you to break down your strength.  The way you practice is when the next situation arises realize who you are and what you are about.  Stop and think about yourself.  Remember if they say you are ugly then they are staring at you a lot. Which means you are on their minds.

Erika 2


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Musings of a Hungry Woman!

chilli cheese fries

UGH! Right now although I am dieting and exercising I am sitting in my office thinking of chili cheese fries with beef, onions, cheese and ranch dip with extra cheese melted on it…

Yeah…Sounds good! I want to sit in my car with no one watching and eat it all!

With that said I am exercising self-control but still!!

Mile high nachos

I want it.  I want it like nachos with everything on them.  WOW! What is up with this overwhelming desire for the wrong foods?

I am addicted to the “FAT” in foods.  I know I can’t eat it because it would make me sick.  Sigh… Nothing like ignoring desires.

Feedback Please

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credit debt out of control

I swipe and I swipe and guess what…I owe! What do I do?

How do you pay off your credit card?  How do you resist the urge to use it once it is paid off?  Where does self-control fit in when I want everything?  Please tell me what you think.  Isabella is in trouble!  How do you get a lower interest rate?

Help Credit Card owners!

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